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NC Public Schools Middle School guide for Athletics:

Martin County Schools Guide for Middle School Athletics:

Athletic Information:

Martin County Middle Schools offer a variety of sports and students are encouraged to try out for the school teams.  Only students in 7th and 8th grade may participate in team sports (6th grade students are allowed to particpate in all team sports except football as of December of 2016) In order to qualify for public school participation, a student must meet the following requirements:


1.            Each student-athlete must meet the residence criteria.  The student may participate only at the school to which the student is assigned by the LEA or, if over the age requirement, the school to which the student would be                assigned at the next level.


2.            Each student-athlete must meet age requirements to participate.  A student may not participate on a 7th or 8th grade team if the student turns 15 years of age on or before August 31st of that school year.


3.            Each student-athlete must meet the state and local promotion requirements and maintain passing grades.  In order for students to be eligible to continue playing winter sports or begin playing spring sports, they must be                    progressing in all course work.  This means they may only have a failing semester average in one Core course and one Elective course.  If a student fails his/her grade, he or she will not be able to participate in a sport the             next school year.


4.            Martin County Schools requires middle school students to pass a majority of core subjects and half of their electives each six weeks of the sport season.


Football and Volleyball                                    1st six weeks

Basketball                                           2nd and 3rd six weeks

Baseball and Softball                          4th and 5th six weeks

Cheerleading                                       1st, 2nd, 3rd six weeks 


5.            Each student-athlete must receive a medical examination each year by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.

6.            Each student-athlete must have health insurance to participate.

7.            Each student-athlete must attend school the required amount of time to be counted present or they will not be eligible to practice or play a game that day. Each student-athlete must be in attendance for at least half a day.                  (See – ATTENDANCE)

8.            Any student-athlete or cheerleader who has been assigned ISS or OSS will not be allowed to neither participate in any athletic function (practice or game, etc) nor attend any athletic event until their term of suspension has                 been completed.

9.            Student-athletes who will participate in athletic events that will require them to be absent from one or more classes must have a 70 average in the classes they will miss. 

10.         Each student-athlete and at least one parent/guardian must participate in a Concussion  Awareness Training before each sport season.

11.         Student-athletes are representatives of Martin County Schools.  Therefore, the administration, coach or athletic director has the right to remove any student-athlete from any team as a consequence for discipline issues.

12.         Any student-athlete (grade 7 or 8), coach or school official who is ejected from any athletic contest shall be penalized as follows:

                        For the first offense, the person shall be reprimanded and suspended for the next game.

For a second offense, the person shall be placed on probation and suspended for the next 2 games.

For a third offense, the person shall be suspended for one calendar year.

A coach who is suspended at any level of grades 7-12 may not coach in any other grade 7-12 during the period of suspension.

Penalties are cumulative from sport to sport and from sport season to sport season.

The LEA, which has jurisdiction over the school, may impose additional penalties. 

13.        Martin County Drug Testing Policy:  It is mandatory that all students, who participate in Martin County sports, be enrolled in the Martin County random drug testing program.  Each student should have the consent to drug                 test form signed and turned in to the principal’s office.

14.        Criminal Charges: A student-athlete charged with using and/or possessing alcohol or illegal drugs (including over the counter or prescription drugs) will be suspended from participation on respective athletic teams for 30                     school days.  A student-athlete may request to have their case reviewed by the local building principal and athletic director who may reinstate the athlete’s eligibility based on their professional review of all facts involved                 with the issue before the case is heard by a district or superior court judge in a criminal court.

15.        A student-athlete charged with using an affray, assault, or stealing through the criminal court system will be suspended from participation on their athletic team for thirty (30) school days.  After a suspension is made, the                student-athlete may request to have their case reviewed by the local building principal and athletic director who may reinstate the athlete based on their professional review of  all facts involved with the issue prior to the                 case being heard by a district or superior court judge,

16.        The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has ruled that any student-athlete convicted of a felony will not be eligible to participate in any North Carolina High School Athletic sport or team for the duration of the                 student’s high school career.

17.        HAZING: Hazing is defined as deliberately subjecting another person to physical injury as part of an initiation or prerequisite for membership … (House Bill 171). It is against North Carolina Law (G.S. 14.35). Regardless of             a student’s willingness to participate, hazing and other humiliating activities expected of a student to belong to a team or group, have many negative consequences. It obstructs the development of good citizens, escalates                 the risks of participation, negates positive contributions, and destroys respect for self, others and a “wholesome athletic environment.

            Hazing WILL NOT be tolerated by the coaching staff.  If you, as an athlete, feel that you are a victim of hazing, report it to a coach, athletic director, or school administrator so that it can be dealt with. Parents,             if you suspect that your child is a victim of hazing, please contact the head coach of the sport, athletic director, or school administration.